4. How to grow on Twitter

You bought this guide because you want to grow on Twitter.

“Growth” on Twitter can mean a few things:

  • gaining more followers
  • building a community around a certain topic
  • creating a peer group
  • improving your skills
  • improving your portfolio

People use Twitter for a range of different reasons. But to make it easier to quantify, this guide will focus on gaining more followers. By doing the rest of the things in the list above, you will gain more followers by default.

The end game for all the tips in this section is to get more people looking at your tweets. More eyes on your tweets means more impressions, which leads to more people visiting your profile, which leads to more followers.

Once you’ve got a bit of a flow going and new followers are regularly coming in, you’ll notice that your own tweets will start creating new followers on their own. But there are a few things you should try when your account is small to get to that point.

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