6. How to measure everything on Twitter

Once you've started creating content on Twitter, you should start to track your content and follower growth.

These two elements will show you how your Twitter account is performing. By following your tweet metrics, you'll start to see trends about which content does well, when is best to post and what your audience is enjoying seeing from you. By tracking your follower growth, you'll be able to see your progress over time and start to tie in how content relates to increases or decreases in followers.

There are a handful of ways to track tweets and followers. The easiest and cheapest tool is Twitter's own analytics product, though this has some limits, plus you will need to supplement with a follower tracking tool like SocialBlade.

I'll also include ilo—an analytics product I run—in this section. Not for the promotion, but because it's the tool I use every day to watch over my Twitter account (I built ilo initially for myself, just for this purpose!).

Let's get started.

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