Bonus: Tools for creating and managing content

This is a little directory of Twitter apps and tools that will help you on your journey.

The third-party Twitter ecosystem has been booming in the last two years, which is great for us Twitter users.

Writing and managing tweets

Twitter's own apps are great for creating and writing tweets but there are many third-party writing and publishing apps that you can check out for more power-user features. Most of these tools have scheduling, thread-friendly writing UIs, multi-platform publishing and extra tools like automatically retweeting your own content.

Image editors

To make your tweets stand out, add images. Here's a list of Twitter-specific or Twitter-friendly image editors, which allow you to upload images, add text and make beautiful visuals for your tweets and threads.

Analysing your account

As I discussed in the last chapter, analysing your performance on Twitter is crucial for knowing how and where to improve, and for monitoring the health of your account. Most writing tools have basic analytics on their higher plans but if you want the more detailed content or audience analytics, these are your tools:

  • Twitter: basic free analytics
  • ilo: tweet, thread, Spaces and follower analytics
  • Followerwonk: follower tracker and audience insights
  • fllwrs: see who follows and unfollows you

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